Ambiente 2023. Пост-релиз

Большое количество посетителей, интенсивное общение, позитивная атмосфера и уникальное сочетание идей и продуктов: Ambiente, впервые проходившая параллельно с Christmasworld и Creativeworld, собрала 109 тысяч посетителей (в 2019 году число посетителей было 136 тысяч, в 2020 году, проходившем в условиях начавшейся пандемии - 108 тысяч - прим. редакции). Закупщики со всего мира были в отличном настроении, размещали заказы и с энтузиазмом реагировали на новые разнообразные предложения из разных секторов рынка. С нацеленными в будущее проектами для HoReCa и контрактного бизнеса выставка вновь стала важной торговой платформой. Многочисленные мероприятия деловой программы были посвящены актуальным проблемам рынка потребительских товаров.

«Реакция на Ambiente была просто ошеломляющей! Личное общение сейчас важнее, чем когда-либо — мы снова испытали это в процессе множества переговоров за несколько дней выставки. Мы почувствовали необычайную эйфорию среди экспонентов и посетителей, посетивших Ambiente 2023», говорит Thomas Kastl, директор направления Ambiente Dining.

Фото: Messe Frankfurt/Pietro Sutera

Sandra Viertauer, руководитель отдела глобального маркетинга и коммуникаций в Rosenthal отметила: «Атмосфера была очень энергичной, очень мотивированной и мотивирующей — было ощущение, что все жаждут, наконец, снова встретиться на выставке. Это просто бизнес людей, что было еще раз подтверждено на Ambiente. Для нас Ambiente — это прежде всего платформа для встреч с международными клиентами. Мы довольны и счастливы, что приняли правильное решение быть там».

Высокий уровень интернациональности превзошел все ожидания: 70 процентов посетителей приехали из-за рубежа. Всего в Ambiente приняли участие 168 стран. Помимо Германии, в первую десятку вошли Италия, Франция, Нидерланды, США, Великобритания, Испания, Турция, Греция, Польша и Южная Корея. Соответственно, отзывы и оценки удовлетворенности от экспонентов и посетителей положительные: например, 94% посетителей и 84% экспонентов удовлетворены достижением целей своего посещения или участия.

Фото: Messe Frankfurt/Pietro Sutera

В 2024 году Ambiente, Christmasworld и Creativeworld снова пройдут в одно время в Messe Frankfurt :

Ambiente/Christmasworld: с 26 по 30 января 2024 г.
Creativeworld: с 27 по 30 января 2024 г.

Полный текст релиза, англоязычная версия:

The world's most important consumer goods fair exceeded all expectations with its concentrated intercontinental strength. For five days, there was a great joy of seeing each other again, an energetic ordering mood and an extraordinarily positive atmosphere in the fully booked Frankfurt exhibition halls. "The response to Ambiente was simply overwhelming! Personal exchange is more important than ever at the moment – we have experienced this again in many conversations over the last few days. We sensed an extraordinary euphoria among the exhibitors and visitors who attended Ambiente 2023", says Thomas Kastl, Director Ambiente Dining.

Ambiente brings together the global range of the consumer-goods sector in the Dining, Living, Giving and Working sections. Photo: Messe Frankfurt/Pietro Sutera.
With the four product sections Dining, Living, Giving and – new since 2023 – Working, Ambiente offered an attractive international product mix in the East and West exhibition areas. 109,491 buyers took advantage of the opportunity to participate in the world market for consumer goods and to gain a concentrated overview of global innovations and trends – from tableware, kitchenware and household utensils to the furnishing and equipping of private rooms and commercial objects such as hotels, restaurants and offices or workspaces with furniture, lighting, interior decoration, interior concepts and home textiles, right through to classic office supplies, stationery, writing utensils as well as gift articles and personal accessories.

"Due to the four Ambiente sections and the fact that they were held in parallel with Christmasworld and Creativeworld, visitors were able to find out about new and exciting additional product ranges and benefit from valuable synergies. We are particularly pleased about the newly acquired premium suppliers for Office Design & Solutions* and the extremely positive response to our new Working section. The relevance of the living world of Working was also reflected by the new Ambiente highlight Future of Work with its conceptual solutions,“ says Yvonne Engelmann, Director Ambiente Living, Giving, Working.

After being suspended twice, the signs were finally back on networking and ordering: personal encounters formed the core of Ambiente 2023 and were celebrated in fully booked exhibition halls. This was also reflected in the consistently positive feedback from exhibitors: "We have the impression that everyone was just waiting for it to finally start again. The personal exchange, the togetherness, being able to touch the products, to see them, to be inspired – all this is not possible online. In this respect, trade fairs are still incredibly important and are very well received by people. We have had an incredibly good turnout, always a full stand and a very good order situation," says Angela Kramer, Managing Director of Caran d'Ache Vertriebs GmbH Germany.

There was also great enthusiasm in the dining area, as Sandra Viertauer, Head of Global Marketing & Communications at Rosenthal, reports: "The atmosphere was very energetic, very motivated and motivating – you had the feeling that everyone was longing to finally meet again at the fair. It's simply a people's business, and this was confirmed once again at Ambiente. For us, Ambiente is above all a platform for meeting international customers. We are satisfied, happy and made the right decision to be there."

Best internationality and satisfaction ratings at Ambiente

The high level of internationality exceeded all expectations: 70 percent of the visitors came from abroad. In total, Ambiente brought together 168 participating nations. In addition to Germany, the top ten nations included Italy, France, the Netherlands, the USA, Great Britain, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Poland and South Korea. The feedback and satisfaction ratings from exhibitors and visitors are correspondingly positive: For example, 94 percent of the visitors and 84 percent of the exhibitors are satisfied with the achievement of their visit or participation goals.

"In my opinion, Messe Frankfurt has made a brilliant new start with this year's event. 150,000 visitors**, of which at least 70 percent came from abroad, a large part even from overseas, testifies to an impact that is unparalleled in our industry worldwide. The member companies of our association that took part this time are, without exception, satisfied to very satisfied and did good business. And we are already looking ahead to 2024, and I think we can hope that one or the other name that was not there now will be there again next year", emphasises Jens-Heinrich Beckmann, IVSH Managing Director.

Review Highlights & Events

At Ambiente, trade visitors were given an exclusive look at consumer trends and the latest designs. In addition to the thousands of exhibitor stands, the most important source of inspiration for the relevant themes, colours and materials of the coming season was the trend area with the Ambiente Trends 23+, staged by the trend bureau Bora.Herke.Palmisano. They offered an overview of the entire consumer goods sector. This time, the focus was on sustainability, unexpected new creations and design icons. Also included for the first time were trends around New Work and the modern workplace.

The future is sustainable: Spot on Ethical Style and Circular Materials

Ethical Style by Ambiente leads to a curated selection of ecologically produced and socially responsible products. In 2023, a total of 247 exhibitors received the Ethical Style by Ambiente award from an independent jury of experts.

In addition, there were two Ethical Style Spots for the first time, which focused more strongly on the theme of sustainability. As part of these special presentations, trade visitors found themed display areas featuring particularly sustainable exhibitor products, from small companies to top brands in the sector. The exhibition "Circular Materials in Future Dining" showed materials that promote the recyclability of products as well as technologies that can be used to reduce emissions. Curator of the special area, Dr. Sascha Peters from Haute Innovation, also gave talks on sustainable materials for consumer goods of the future at the Conzoom Solutions Academy and on circular materials for the future of tableware at the HoReCa Academy.

"Future of Work" – modern working, today and in the future

Another special highlight was the 'Future of Work' special area in Hall 3.1, where the modern world of work was combined with the products of the Ambiente Living areas Interior Design and Contract Business. With forward-looking concepts and curated working worlds and solutions, the area offered a glimpse of the future. It was complemented by the Future of Work Academy, where industry experts spoke about trends and current developments in the workplace of the future on all five days of the fair.

Ambiente, Christmasworld and Creativeworld will continue to be held simultaneously at the Frankfurt exhibition center:

Ambiente/Christmasworld: 26 to 30 January 2024
Creativeworld: 27 to 30 January 2024

*Workspace concepts, office furnishings and equipment, solutions for mobile working, collaboration, meetings, conferences, acoustics and room partitioning, Home office
** 154,000 visitors in total (Ambiente, Christmasworld, Creativeworld)